Client Testimonials

Working with Katrina was everything that I thought it would be, and actually, beyond all of my expectations. We worked together in the corporate world prior to this, and I had the utmost respect and trust in how she ran things. In our coaching time together, she has truly helped me make some transformational changes in my life that I did not even expect. She allows you to take the 1,000 things swirling in your head and land them in a perfect path to where you need to be going. She is also a trusted advisor with such a genuine interest in helping and has such incredible insight from all of her years in the corporate world. All of that made it a very successful process for me and our time together.
— Konvalia Greco, President, Mack & Associates
Katrina was absolutely phenomenal to work with – during our 6 months of working together, I experienced firsthand transformational change and growth. Katrina’s coaching helped me find the answers within to evaluate a potential career change, navigate a short-term transfer to another country (during which we continued to meet remotely), and develop my own “philosophy on a page” and roadmap for personal and professional success for the next 12 months. For those that are willing to put in the time, effort, and work, I believe you will find your experience of working with Katrina instrumental in achieving the change and growth you may be seeking. Thank you, Katrina!
— Manager, Strategy Consulting Firm
Katrina is an excellent coach and thought partner. Her approach of unconditional positive regard makes her a joy to work with, and her sharp business acumen and deep insight into psychology enable her to really push her clients and set them up for success. I was able to turn around a very tough situation with her perspective and insightful guidance. I would recommend Katrina to anyone for coaching and have already pushed to engage her for other work with my team.
— Manager, Innovation Consulting Team, Financial Services
I needed a new opportunity; thanks to Katrina I found more than just any opportunity, I found the right one. An inestimable asset to my job transition, Katrina went beyond listening to really understand my situation, guiding my progress in a professional, productive, and enjoyable process. We codified my ambiguous thoughts and goals into a clear path forward that extends far further than a better job.
— Marketing Specialist, Social Services Nonprofit
Katrina was a phenomenal coach who helped me clear the fog to see a path forward I never could have imagined on my own. She was able to distill a problem or issue to its core, and then help me build a framework within which I could clearly and confidently address or solve for each obstacle in my path.

Katrina leads with empathy, smarts, and metaphor – her coaching style is a rare blend of compassion and intuition that peppered our sessions with dramatic breakthroughs and deep fulfillment.
— Elizabeth Cole, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Aim & Arrow Group
Katrina brought an incredible blend of professional experience, positivity, and presence to each session, ultimately creating a space of trust that enabled me to clear work/life debris, and motivated me to flourish with a new sense of leadership I hadn’t even imagined. She challenged and inspired, skillfully held me to task and goal, and offered seasoned consultation at the perfect moments, all with a kindness and commitment to our partnership that has set me on a more rewarding professional path. She has my most sincere regards for her expertise.

— Janalyn Kidd, Founder, small but mighty
I really enjoyed working with Katrina. She helped guide me through a challenging time and focused my planning for a positive future. She balances excellent listening with a wealth of knowledge and experience and was a great collaborator in helping me work through my agenda.
— Cory Zue, CTO, Dimagi
Katrina presented a workshop on Leadership and Inspiration to the Chicago Chapter of Commercial Real Estate Executive Women. Katrina’s presence – poised, smart, warm, professional, and sparked with good humor – thoroughly engaged our audience of women leaders. In advance of the workshop, Katrina took the time to understand the mission of our organization and created an atmosphere that built on that mission, creating a safe place for the work we did together that evening. Our participants walked away with valuable learnings from her program and great respect for a master presenter. Thank you, Katrina!
— Sharon Krohn, PCC CREW Chicago, Leadership & Professional Development Co-Chair
Working with Katrina was a joy – she has such positivity and passion for her work that even when we were discussing the toughest topics I came out of our sessions energized and already looking forward to the next one. She is an extremely skilled coach and helped me make significant progress on the leadership challenges I brought into our engagement. I appreciate that she held me accountable and didn’t shy away from exploring uncomfortable but important topics, but did so in a gentle and nonjudgmental way that quickly built my trust in her, made me feel supported, and ultimately led me to impactful insights and actions. I would highly recommend Katrina to anyone seriously committed to leadership development and looking for the right partner in that journey.
— Managing Director, Public Charter School Network
Katrina and I worked together at a critical juncture in my career, just when it was becoming clear that my current work was not sustainable long-term, and I was not sure what my next steps should be. Katrina was a powerful catalyst. She helped me make peace with how things had developed, sort through my priorities to isolate what I valued most, and key in on anchor points to guide my search going forward. I value Katrina’s insight, her warmth, and her encouragement. Having worked with other coaches, I can comfortably say that Katrina’s gift is unique – working with her felt like an empowering process of self-discovery, rather than a push in any particular direction.
— Principal, Strategy Consulting Firm
It was an absolute pleasure to work with Katrina. She helped me frame a period of uncertainty as a gift of time, and later as a period of growth. Katrina brought so much positive energy to each of our sessions. She was invested in our journey. The path forward never felt overwhelming because we were a team. To say the least, my sparkle is back. Thank you, Katrina!
— Assistant Vice President, Financial Services Company
As a new leader of a new organization, what an amazing opportunity to have worked with Katrina. She always provided the right balance of careful listening, thoughtful questioning, and powerful feedback and suggestions to move my leadership forward and, in turn, my organization.
— Sarah Makela, Executive Director, GROWCommunity
Katrina has been a great source of support for me during a uniquely difficult professional time. She helped me find practical ways to navigate a toxic working situation, and to eventually find my way out of it and then through the initial stages of a transition to a new situation. Katrina’s approach is always honest, direct and focused on being productive, but she’s simultaneously kind, light-hearted and compassionate. I’ve already recommended her to one friend who also loves her, and would happily recommend her to others.
— Client Confidential
Katrina’s commitment to helping her clients seek out, understand, and find solutions to their leadership challenges is unwavering. Perhaps even more impressive, she has an uncommon knack for creating an environment in which the everyday stresses of the workplace can be put aside to focus on the more fundamental issues at hand. I greatly enjoyed working with her - she deftly, but firmly, pushed me to come to insightful and actionable conclusions. I would highly recommend her services to anyone interested in growing both personally and professionally.
— Daniel Comeaux, Associate, Civic Consulting Alliance
Katrina was a fantastic coach. We worked together during a time of extraordinary change in both my professional and personal life. Katrina’s thoughtful ear and astute observations enabled me to endure that change and, more importantly, emerge stronger from it. Katrina encouraged me to embrace my priorities and choices with confidence and to wholeheartedly “own my path”. This will serve me for the rest of my life, and I’m very grateful to Katrina for her role in it. I highly recommend Katrina as a coach to anyone seeking a true partner in their professional and personal journey!
— Leadership Coach